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WishZee Detailed Data Policy

Last updated: June 30, 2016.

With WishZee you are empowered to share your wishes and do your bit to make the world happier and kinder.

The data policy explains what kind of information we collect and how we use it and share it across various social platforms.

Please note that this policy applies to all things- tangible and intangible that is associated with WishZee. By agreeing to use WishZee services, you AGREE to this policy.

1) Information we collect:

Different types and kinds of information are collected from and about you that we store for various reasons. Each detailed below:

  • The information you share:  Information is collected as and how you use our services right from when you sign up for a WishZee account, create a wish or share a wish, and do other activities on WishZee. We also take note of the types of content you view or engage with or the frequency and time duration of your activities on WishZee.
  • Your connections:  Information about people and groups you are connected to through your network and how you interact with them is collected by us, for example: the contact information you provide if you upload, or import or sync this information from a device like through your phonebook/address book.
  • Device information.We collect information from and about the computer systems, phones, or other devices wherever you have installed or access the services of WishZee, depending on the permissions you’ve granted.
  • Payments made:If you use engage in any financial transactions through WishZee we collect the necessary information about the transaction- like your credit or debit card number and other card information, and other authentication information, as well as billing, shipping and contact details, just for enabling ease in future transactions.

2)  How do we use the information collected from and through you?

  • Communication:We use the information to communicate with you about our Services and for other necessary communications.
  • Improve WishZee Services: Information gathered from you is used to offer suggestions to you and to further personalize our content to enhance its user appeal. We also use information to create suitable changes in WishZee for much comfortable user experience.
  • Promote safety and security:WishZee gives supreme importance to user account safety and protection. We use the information we have about you to help verify other user accounts and your friends’ activities.
  • Relevant ads and services.We use the information we have about you to improve the effectiveness of our advertising process so that we show you only relevant ads.

3) Management and deletion of information yourself:

Your WishZee account can be deleted any time by you. We assure we shall delete all things you have posted, such as your wishes, photos, taglines updates and such likes.

4)  Change in Policy:

WishZee reserves the right to change its policies as when WishZee deems suitable without prior notification to any person, group or organisation.

VIII. How to contact Wishzee with any queries or questions or concerns?

You may mail us at: social@wishzee.com